About Welding Leader

Here we are passionate about repairing, rebuilding, and rejoining damaged metal to prepare it for reuse. This is one of those professions that makes your work with the pleasure of making different metals new. That’s what makes us weld so much.

Below you can know more details about the author here at Welding Leader world.

Hello, I’m Kaosar Ahmed. I belong to a welding family because many of the ancestors of my family are involved in this profession. Basically, I have been involved in welding work since my childhood. My father was a skilled and renowned professional welder. I thoroughly took the practical knowledge from my father and it has been one of the happiest times of my life since I became fully involved in welding. 

I still remember when I was watching welding with my dad. I wanted to work on it. My father used to show me the work wearing a helmet so that I would not be attacked. However, at the beginning of joining welding, my hand got burnt once. But it was a fun experience, and since then I’ve been wary of the horrors of welding. From the time I grew up, I always loved all types of welding processes and worked on them with the most attraction.

Now, as I work, I encourage the newbies by presenting the techniques and suggestions for each project welding step. On each of my projects, I am used to reading a lot of books and research to improve my skill more and more. In each of my writings, there is a reality, and enjoyment, which is informative and helpful also.

Keep reading the welding leader’s performance and follow the guidelines for a new success.

Your Mate,

Kaosar Ahmed