Terms And Conditions Of Welding Leader

The terms and conditions presented on this webpage will basically determine how you use our website ‘Welding Leader’ accessible at www.weldingleader.com.

Once you start using our website, the terms and conditions displayed on this page will apply fully to you. 

That means if you use our website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions presented here. If you do not like or disagree with any of our website’s terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

In addition, if you are a minor (your age is below 18), you are not recommended to use our website.


The purpose of our website WeldingLeader.com is to share stories, experiences, and information with welding enthusiasts all around the globe. Even though we are not professionals in this regard, we are happy to share our experiences that may help you get rid of a problem. 

However, at regular intervals, if we feel necessary, we may collaborate with professionals to help you even more with the cause.

The things we post or information we share throughout this website are never a replacement for the advice of a professional or formal diagnosis or treatment. You must not do anything against the advice of a professional just because of the reason that you read about that topic on our website. We do not recommend doing so. 

In addition, only you will be responsible for the activities you have done by following the information provided on our website, and not us.

Intellectual Property Rights:

For all the materials provided on this website, only Weldingleader.com and/or its licensors inherit the intellectual property rights except for the content you specifically own. You have a limited license and with that, you can only view the materials provided on this website.

As far as we know, all the materials or contents provided on this website are original. Besides, these materials or contents do not violate intellectual property rights. If you think there is something wrong with any materials on this website regarding intellectual property rights, you are advised to contact us at support@weldingleader.com

Fair Use:

According to the Fair Use Doctrine under title 17 and section 107 of the Copyright Act, 1976, this website sometimes uses media. These media are portrayed strictly in accordance with the established case laws and guidelines regarding the Fair Use Doctrine.  Besides, weldingleader.com never claims the ownership of such media that is used in this manner.

Allowance is provided in Copyright Disclaimer in the Copyright Act, 1976 (section 107) for “fair use” that includes purposes such as comment, teaching, criticism, scholarship, news reporting, education, and research. By applying the Fair Use Doctrine, anybody can use media without infringing the rights of a rightful owner.


You have to abide by all the restrictions if you intend to use our website that are mentioned as follows:

  • You can’t publicly perform or show any type of website material;
  • You can’t sell, sublicense, and/or commercialize any web material;
  • You can’t publish any website material in the form of any other media;
  • You can’t use this website by means which may cause damage to this website;
  • You can’t use this website by means which may cause an impact on the user access to this website;
  • You can’t use this website by means which may violate the applicable regulations and laws;
  • You can’t use this website for the purpose of data harvesting, data extracting, or data mining
  • You can’t use this website for engaging in any type of marketing or advertising.

WeldingLeader.com keeps some of the areas of the website restricted for user access. Besides, this website has the absolute discretion to further restrict the access of common users whenever the website wants to, of any area of the website.

Your Content:

‘Your Content’ on this website will mean any content (images, audio, video, or any other types of material) you intend to display on our website. Once you display your content on our website WeldingLeader.com, you give us a non-exclusive sublicensable license to publish, adapt, translate, use, reproduce, and redistribute such content in any media.

If your content is not original and infringes the rights of any third party, you must not display your content on this website. In addition, WeldingLeader.com reserves the very right to delete any or all of your content from the website without any notice.

No Warranties:

WeldingLeader.com does not provide any kind of warranties or representations of any materials displayed here. You must not take anything as advice contained within this website.

Affiliated Relationships:

WeldingLeader.com can earn through direct purchases from this website. Not only that, if you purchase something from Amazon, ClickBank, or any other similar affiliate sites, we may earn a small share from these affiliate programs.

Don’t worry. The money we earn from these affiliate programs does not require extra money spent by you. These affiliate programs track your activities through cookies and later distribute a little share to WeldingLeader.com. If you want to know more about how we use the cookies, click here to check out our privacy policy (hyperlink needed).

Limitation Of Liability:

WeldingLeader.com, its employees, directors, and all of its officers can’t be held liable by any means if you fall into trouble by following the information provided on this website. You can’t hold this website liable even if there is any mention of liabilities in any of its articles or in any place on this website.


Once you agree to the Terms of this Website, you also agree to indemnify, defend, and hold WeldingLeader.com, its employees, officers, owners, independent contractors, and others who have interest in this Website. 

In addition, you agree to keep the website hassle-free from any kinds of actions, claims, expenses, damages, liabilities, or losses asserted to the Owner.


In case of a conflict between the applicable laws and the terms presented here, the applicable laws shall prevail and only the conflicting terms shall be deemed as deleted, not all the terms.

Complaints And Retractions:

In the cases where you firmly believe that WeldingLeader.com is providing information that is misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, or the website has published such information without appropriate approval or license and thus violates the intellectual property rights of others, you are advised to contact us at support@weldingleader.com. 

You can be rest assured that your complaint will be addressed. Keep patience as we do this case-by-case.  

Variation Of Terms:

WeldingLeader.com reserves the exclusive right to alter the Terms at any time it wishes. For this reason, if you intend to use the website, you are advised to regularly review the Terms presented here.


Although WeldingLeader.com has the absolute right to transfer or assign any of its rights or obligations without any notification, you can’t do such transfer or assign your rights under these Terms.

Entire Agreement:

The Terms provided on this page establish the entire agreement between WeldingLeader.com and you, and such agreement regulates your use of WeldingLeader.com. Besides, if there is any prior agreement or understanding, this entire agreement supersedes them all.

Governing Law & Jurisdictions:

The State laws of California, United States will govern the Terms of WeldingLeader.com, and interpretation of such Terms will be done according to these laws. In case of any resolution of disputes, you will submit yourself to the exclusive jurisdiction of all the Federal and State Courts of Solano County, California, United State.