How To Cut Pipes For Welding? [3 Different Ways]

How To Cut Pipes For Welding

As a professional welder, the most important part of welding is pipe cutting. If you are a beginner in this occupation, first you need to know how to cut a pipe for welding. Because, if the pipe is not cut properly, it will not be suitable for welding.

There are numerous tools available today for cutting welding pipes. Using these tools, you can cut the welding pipe to the right shape quickly. Hacksaw is an old process of cutting welding pipes. Although its use is now much less, it is a good substitute for low-cost welding pipe cutting.

In this article, I will share several welding pipe cutting processes with you. If you are a beginner welder, continue the article to learn the pipe cutting processes. Also, here are some important tips for cutting welding pipes that can be helpful for you. Let’s go to the main conversation without degenerative time!

3 Different Ways To Cut Pipe For Welding: Choose The Suitable One

The hardest part of casting is to cut the pipe properly. If the pipe is not cut properly, it becomes useless for welding. So, all welders should learn the correct pipe cutting process. Several welding pipe cutting tools have been invented to make welding easier.

Here, you will know some methods to cut pipes for welding. If you are also worried about cutting pipes for welding, you can follow the tips given here. Since welding pipes are made of metal, they cannot be cut with any cutter.

Method-1: Using A Tube Cutting Tool

Tube cutting kits are most commonly used to cut new pipes that can make a precise cut. Using it, you can cut the welding pipes in a short time. Although the tool costs a little more than others, it is great for professional pipe cutting.

You don’t need anyone else’s help to cut welded pipes using this tool. A beginner can also learn to cut welding pipes using tube cutting kits by following the steps below. Let’s get to know the process!

Step-1: Assemble The Necessary Equipment

Using the Tube Cutting Tool, you will need to assemble several tools. Also, you must keep in mind the issue of personal safety. Below is a list of what it takes to cut the welding pipe in this process.

  • Measuring tape;
  • A Pencil;
  • Tube cutting kit;
  • Hand file;
  • Protective goggles.

Step-2: Take Measurements

It should be measured before cutting the welding pipe using a tube cutting kit. The next steps will be easier for you if you measure them. Also, if you measure the correct pipe before cutting, you do not have to cut the pipe repeatedly to make it weldable.

Step-3: Mark The Place Of Cutting

When you measure the pipe, mark it with a pencil. If there is no reason, it is not possible to remember how far you have measured. So, you can cut the pipe easily. 

Step-4: Place Pipe In Tool

Now you have to cut the pipe and stick it in the tool. You need to place the pipe between the two rollers of the cutting tool. Tighten the pipe by keeping it in position according to the measurements. 

Step-5: Smoothing The Inside Edge 

When the pie is cut, take a hand file and smooth its inner edge. After cutting the metal pipe, the edge becomes very sharp, so there is a risk of cutting the hook while working. However, if you smooth the edge with a hand file, there is no risk of cutting. 

Method-2: Using Angle Grinder

With an angle grinder, welding pipes can be easily cut in a short time. It is most frequently used for angle-shaped cutting. The machine provides a fairly smooth cutting, so you don’t have to smooth out the ends with the file. Follow the steps below to cut the welding pipe with an angle grinder. 

Step-1: Assemble The Necessary Equipment

Safety equipment is the most important tool for cutting welding pipes using an angle grinder. Also, some more instruments are needed for measuring and marking the pipes: 

  • Measuring tape;
  • A Pencil;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Protective goggles;
  • Gloves;
  • Earplugs. 

Step-2: Take Measurements

The pipe must be measured before cutting for welding using the cutting tool. The pipe must be measured the way you want it to be welded. For example, if you need a square-sized solder, you need to measure the square where the pipe is to be cut.

Step 3: Mark The Measured Place

After measuring the pipe, mark the angle at which it will be cut. This will help you make it easy to cut the pipe. You can use a pencil to create the mark, so it will be easier to delete the mark if necessary.

Step-4: Check The Grinders

It should be checked before starting the grinder, so there is no need to stop work in the middle of the road if there is any problem. Ensure the machine is working properly and there are no problems with its blades.

Step 5: Cut the Pipe

If the grinder is ready for work, you can use it to cut pipes. However, run the machine for some time before touching the pipe. When the grinder machine starts running at full speed, it is ready to cut the pipe. This time, you can cut the pipe by touching the blade at an end. The grinder gives the metal pipe a smooth cut so that the edge does not have to be smoothed separately after cutting.

Method-3: Using Hacksaw

Although a hacksaw is not the best tool for cutting metal pipes, you can use it to cut welding pipes and something to stick the pipe. This is because if the pipe is not held tight, it may move out of place during that time. Let’s not exaggerate here to know the whole process!

Step-1: Assemble The Necessary Equipment

To cut a welding pipe using a hacksaw, you need to pay more attention to the safety of the pipe than your safety. So you need to assemble some equipment to keep the pipe safe.

  •  Measuring tape;
  • A Pencil;
  • Hacksaw; 
  • Hand file;
  • Protective goggles;
  • Gloves.

Step-2: Measure And Mark

Measuring and identifying pipes is a very important step in this process. Since no machine is used here, the pipe cannot be cut just by touching it. So be sure to start the work by measuring and marking the pipe first.

Step-3: Secure The Pipe

Since the hacksaw requires force to be applied, the pipe must be protected before cutting. When you apply the force while running the hacksaw, the pipe may move out of place or even get cut marks in unexpected places.

Step-4: Cut The Pipe

You can start cutting the pipe, but of course, you have to be a patient person. It takes more time to cut the netting using hacks than other processes. It takes more time than electrical equipment because it is powered by human energy. Avoid applying too much pressure when cutting the pipe and finish with gentle, consistent pressure and speed.

Step-5: Smooth The Cutting Edge

Cutting the welded pipe using a hacksaw does not smooth the edge of the pipe, so smooth the edge with a hand file. Many people recommend using sandpaper, but it is ineffective in smoothing out metal edges. 

5 Important Tips To Cut Welding Pipe: Do It Safely & Quickly

Cutting welding pipes is not an easy task as it carries the risk of accidents. But if you know some tips, you can overcome many problems. As a professional welder, I will share with you a few vital tips that will support you to cut the pipe properly.

Tips-1: Be sure to bring personal safety equipment before cutting welded pipes. Whichever way you cut the pipe, keep your eyes and hands protected. This is because, in many cases, the debris of the pipe can get into the eye while cutting the metal pipe. Also, after cutting the pipe, the edge becomes sharp from which there is a risk of cutting the hand. If you do the job wearing hand gloves, the rough edges will not hurt your hands.

Tips-2: It is important to keep your work clean and enlightened. One can never work successfully in an unclean and dark place. When you work in an illuminated, clean place, your mind will be better, and work will be encouraged. Dark spaces are not suitable for any work, so choose a place where adequate light can enter. There is also a danger of accidents at what time you cut metal pipes in the dark.

Tips-3: Since welding pipes require several tools when cutting, keep only those who will help you with your work at this time. Also, cutting welded pipes is a risky job, so children should not be kept with anything at this time. Therefore, create a workplace that children cannot easily reach.

Tips-4: If you decide to cut the welded pipe with any electrical tools, thoroughly check the machine before use. Because often not working for a long time causes various problems in the machine. When you start cutting the pipe with a broken machine, it will stop in the middle. Also, if the problem is serious, accidents can happen. So, start working by checking whether the machine is running properly, whether its blade is sharp, etc.

Tips-5: Place the welding on an object from which it cannot move. Tighten the pipe between the two rollers of the cutting tool so that it does not move under the machine’s pressure. If you cut the pipe with a hacksaw and do not have the cutting tool, enlist the help of someone who can hold the pipe tightly in one place. Accidents can happen when the pipe moves out of place while cutting. 

Frequently Asked Question:

How To Cut Pipes At An Angle Accurately?

If you want to cut a welded pipe at an angle, the Angle Grinder is the best tool. With an angle, you can easily cut any metal pipe in an angle shape. The pipe should be held firmly in place on a flat surface. 

Start the machine and wait for increased blade speed. Now place the machine’s blade in the marketplace and touch the pipe; at this time, you have to finish the work gently without putting pressure on the machine.

What Is The Easiest Way To Cut Metal Pipes?

The cutting tool is the easiest and safest way to cut welding pipes. But you need to know the operating system of the cutting tool. This tool is quite useful for cutting heavy-duty steel pipes and tubes. Professional welders use this tool to make their work easier. 

An angle grinder or reciprocating saw is the right fit for you to cut pipes in tight spaces. However, you can cut the welding pipe using a hacksaw without the help of an expert.

How To Cut Welding Pipes At Home?

You can cut welding pipes at home without the help of a professional welder. It is not essential to buy a pipe cutter for cutting the pipe at home. You can easily cut the pipe using a hacksaw. 

However, before cutting, the pipe should be measured and marked in a specific place to make the cause much easier. Place the pipe where it cannot be easily removed for cutting and start cutting the pipe. 


If you want to do welding work, you need to know how to cut pipes for welding. Here I have discussed some ways to cut pipe for welding. Hopefully, from this article, all welders will be able to gather the necessary information about welding pipe cutting. Even an ordinary person can cut the welding pipe at home by following the procedure I have shown here.

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