Can You TIG Weld Aluminum With DC? [Know The Reality]

Can You TIG Weld Aluminum With DC

Every welder who wants to do their first welding finds it difficult to start welding as a beginner. Because It’s a daunting task even for the experts. So, they are confused if they can TIG welding aluminum by using DC. 

In special cases, TIG welding aluminum can be done with DC. You can do this if your aluminum is thicker than ¼ ”. If the metal is dense, welding with AC power may not provide sufficient penetration for strong joints. In this case, you can TIG welding with DC for a strong joint.

In this article, you can learn more about TIG welding with direct current. You can also find out why direct current is used in TIG Welding Aluminum. Learn more about What kind of aluminum is appropriate for DC TIG welding. Along with this, some important questions have been answered.

5 Reasons To Use DC For TIG-Welded Aluminum:

To weld aluminum TIG with DC, the welder must have experience. Otherwise, aluminum can melt very quickly. However, there are some reasons to use direct current for TIG-welded aluminum which are described below.

  1. Quick Welding: A significant advantage of this method is that it can be used for quick welding in case of an emergency. There is no other way to do fast welding like this. You can use DC for TIG welding to finish your welding faster.
  2. Penetrates Deeply Into The Joint: DC TIG welding can penetrate deeply into the joint. If you need a very strong joint, you can do DC TIG welding. This is not possible with AC TIG welding.
  3. Welding In Thicker Metal: Aluminum pieces are thicker than 0.25 inches but can be welded well by DC welding. But high thickness metal cannot be welded well by AC. A portion of aluminum over 0.25 inches thick by AC can cause gaps inside.
  4. The Hole Can Be Easily Filled: If there is a deep hole after welding by aluminum piece DC, you can easily fill it. The workpiece needs to be smoothed by a grinder after filling the hole, then it will look new.
  5. One-Way Welding Is Possible: At the end of AC welding, all the edges have to be beveled. Filler and cap weld in one or more passes is required to get a strong joint. But deep weld joints are found in just one pass at DC Weld. As a result, it is possible to build strong joints in less time.

7 Tips For TIG Welding Aluminum By Using DC.

DC can sometimes be the best selection for your TIG-welded aluminum. For this, it is important to know when and how to use it. Below are tips to help you use DC Perfectly for TIG Weld.

Tip-1: It is important to know what AC (Alternative Current) and DC (Direct Current) are. 

Tip-2: AC and DC are fit for different situations. You should know in which situation it is appropriate.

Tip-3: Select the grade of aluminum that is better for DC and AC (mentioned above). Select the correct materials.

Tip-4: Rods, electrodes, and shielding gas must be collected for tig welding aluminum using DC.

Tip-5: Need to set up for TIG welding aluminum using DC.

Tip-6: Thoroughly clean the aluminum before welding.

Tip-7: Practice before welding so that you can achieve the right technique.

If you can learn and apply these techniques, you can weld aluminum by using DC. You can see the answer to the question below to know more about this.

Related Questions About TIG Welding Aluminum Using DC:

Is There Any Aluminum Appropriate For DC TIG Welding?

You may be wondering if all grades of aluminum are appropriate for DC TIG welding. Here I would like to say that DC TIG is suitable for all grades from 6061 to 2219 grade of aluminum for welding. If you want to use any other grade of aluminum, you have to use AC TIG welding.

A lot of heat is generated in DC welding. It can melt if you use low-thickness pieces. So the thickness of aluminum pieces should be more than 0.25 inches.

Where Can You Use TIG Welding Aluminum By Using DC?

Aluminum is an alloy metal. You can combine it with silicon, magnesium, and zinc to make it a more advanced metal. Aluminum is so strong and high-quality metal that it is used in various expensive projects. Aluminum is used in aerospace starting from Earth.

It is used in the construction of various infrastructures like in marine vessels, industry, factories, and many other places. If you can do tig welding by DC well, then your career will be brighter.

Which Is The Right Shielding Gas For TIG Welding Aluminum Using DC? 

Pure argon is used as shielding gas in TIG welding. TIG welding with DC is applied to the depth of the welding aluminum joint. So, helium is added with argon to make this joint better. Many people think that this mixture is best for aluminum in  DC welding. Again, many TIG welding DCs use 100% helium gas for aluminum over ½” thick. For a thickness less than ½”, use pure argon.

What Are The Issues To Consider With TIG Welding Aluminum In DC?

When DC welding, it generates a lot of heat. So low-thickness aluminum can be harmful. These are great for getting deeper into the joint but get out of hand quickly. Good results are obtained by using thicker electrodes for TIG welding aluminum.

You have to have skills in tig welding aluminum by using DC. Otherwise, you will get in trouble. You have to practice a lot in this welding. Another problem is that new and old welding machines produce different results.

Can You TIG Welding Without High Frequency?

High-frequency welding performs using a high-frequency current. Aluminum TIG welding requires uninterrupted high-frequency stability with a compatible AC wave. However, you can do Tig Weld DC without high-frequency welding. Typically a TIG welding machine has a fixed frequency of 60 Hz.

Can You Use A Miller Bobcat To Tig Welding Aluminum?

Yes, you can use a miller bobcat to TIG welding aluminum with. You can use 225 multi-process Welders for TIG welding with a miller bobcat. Although this miller bobcat is used more in stick welding, you can use it in TIG welding.

Can You Weld Aluminum With Scratch Start TIG?

TIG welding requires a high-frequency AC to break down the layer of oxide of the aluminum. So, you can’t TIG aluminum with a scratch start. Since there is no high-frequency current in DC, you can use TIG welding aluminum with scratch start Tig in DC.

What Tig Welder Do You Need For Aluminum?

A lot of heat is generated during welding and aluminum burns. It is important to have a welder that can control this TIG welding heat. In the market, you will find welders of many brands. You can use anyone depending on your type of work and budget. 

I would suggest Lincoln Squarewave 200 TIG Welder here. This Lincoln Squarewave 200 welder is cheap and very effective. The Lincoln Squarewave 200 welder allows you to use both AC and DC.

What Other Metals Can You Weld With Dc Tig?

You can do DC TIG welding using any infusible electrode. DC is very convenient to work with metal with infusible electrodes. Light metal welding is done by DC TIG weld. With a DC TIG welder, you can use all kinds of metals including carbon steel, alloy stainless, low-alloy steel, nickel alloy, aluminum, and aluminum alloys.

Final Verdict:

So, can you TIG weld your aluminum by using DC? After getting detailed information about TIG welding aluminum, I hope by now you won’t have any confusion. If you want a perfect joint, you can do welding in this method without any hesitation. Although the technique of DC is different from that of AC welding, practice the techniques before use.

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