How To Make A TIG Finger? [A Complete Guide]

How To Make A TIG Finger

Your fingers are at great risk during TIG welding. Because the heated metal of TIG welding can burn your finger while propping. A few layers of heat-resistant TIG fingers can make your finger free of risk. You can also wear gloves, wood blocks or any other protection, or something like that. By the way, do you know how to make a TIG finger?

As a welder, you should know everything about welding. TIG finger is no exception. To know the making of the protector, I share some tricks that I used before for a better result. If you follow my guideline, your learning process of making TIG fingers will not be difficult.

Therefore, read the entire article thoroughly if you want to make a DIY project of a TIG finger. Here, you will also get the benefits and more of using a TIG finger. 

5 DIY Steps To Follow To Make A TIG Finger In A Quick Time:

The DIY project of the TIG finger is quite difficult to handle completely alone. You have to know and learn a lot. You need to follow the process given below to make a TIG finger in a quick time:

Step-1 Raw Material:

You have to collect the quality material first. The main material of the TIG finger glove is silicon. The silicone glove in the several layers acts as finger protection.  Hooks and loop closures with silicone are also needed.

This finger guard is made of silicone for heat resistance at 2300 Fahrenheit. Kevlar yarn banners are made for heat resistance. Collect each material in advance as per requirement.

Step-2 Manufacturing Process:

You need to make the silica product. You can also purchase it ready-made. To get ready the silicon product, a high temperature is required. You have to remove the oxygen in it at a high temperature and it’s called the removing process. Once the silicon is formed, you are now ready to go through the main TIG process.

TIG finger-making experts or professionals do all these things and learn from them to do the work. When it is completely done, apply it to the fingers and see if it is perfect.

Step-3 Packaging:

You can naturally pack protection gloves in any wooden box or anything like that.  Good enough packaging can increase its durability. So keep such a system for safe storage. 

Step-4 Quality Control:

Quality control is a big issue in the whole process. To do this, you have to be careful at the very beginning of it. From the time of silicone processing, the issue of this quality has come up.

TIG Finger is more effective when the material is of higher quality. So, this matter has to be noticed from the beginning of the making process.

Step-5 Usage:

Then comes the turn to use. Try to use them carefully  If you use finger gloves for 8-10 hours every day. It is better to take a break between using and cleaning after using for a long time. If you maintain these tips, I hope you can use a TIG finger glove for a long time.

9 Benefits Of Using The TIG Finger: Know Why You Need One

As a protector, TIG fingers are beneficial for your work. For doing TIG welding with safety, you have to use it. The benefits of using the TIG finger are given below:

  1. Saving From Scorching Heat Metal:

When you are busy doing TIG welding, just focus on how to do the work well.  Welding cannot be done perfectly if you take care of your hands and fingers at that time. So, find a safe shield for the fingers so that there remains no focus on the fingers without causing any harm. 

The only TIG Finger is skilled at protecting the fingers from the deadly heat of the metal. Any other protection may not protect your finger from scratching heat. A multi-layered TIG finger will ensure the maximum protection of your fingers. It is designed with extreme heat-resistant material that is surely enough to prop as such you need.

  1. Protection From Ultraviolet Radiation:

The flashes of TIG welding and the ultraviolet radiation emitted from it can cause a lot of damage to your skin. For this, you need safety gloves on the fingers near the metal. And it has to be metal heat resistant.

There is no alternative to the finger to protect the fingers and hands from ultraviolet radiation while propping. So you have to use the best quality finger so that you can use your finger in any way without any hesitation.

  1. Grime, Dirt, Dust Protector:

The role of the TIG finger is essential to protect hands and fingers from dust, sand, dirt, and other contaminants from metal. Just as these harmful things can make you uncomfortable at work, they can also make your skin worse. Use TIG Finger before you become inattentive to work.

  1. Protective Safety Equipment:

Undoubtedly, the biggest risk-free protection method for TIG welding is the TIG finger. Just as you need protection for your eyes, you also need this protective thing to protect your fingers. You have to take this protection to work with an intact and great mind. Then you can do TIG welding with the mind, that is, you will not have any obstacles when propping.

  1. High Quality And Heat Resistant:

Because of several layers and silicon material, the TIG finger is a high-quality product. It is made of silica fiber and high-branded layers. It sticks to the fingers in such a way that it is not difficult to work. Even with the extra heat, you can easily keep your fingers on the metal while welding. You don’t have to worry too much about finger damage. Silicone TIG fingers are made by maintaining such quality.

According to your welding type, which fingers are close to the metal? Decide in advance what type of welding you want to do, or buy or spell the tip finger accordingly. TIG finger gloves should be worn on the most closed fingers. So depending on the type of welding and your work habits, which of your fingers may get burned while propping.

  1. Comfortable To Use:

As comfortable as it is to use, it can be moved smoothly. Due to its high quality materialistic, it will not be uncomfortable to use it while welding it on your finger. It will stick to the hand effectively and you will be able to move the finger easily.

  1. Durability:

Because the materials are durable, you can use them for a long time. That’s why you love the product and the other thing is that the durability reduces the savings of money. You don’t need to buy other gloves for your hand or finger.

  1. Easy To Carry:

You can easily carry the TIG finger. It is a pocket-size product. After wearing it on your finger, you can easily do any work with your hands. It adjusts very nicely with the hand.

  1. Able To Use For Any:

Besides TIG welding, you can use the TIG finger for any welding like stick welding, MIG welding, etc. It is safe from the danger of any weld. In whatever way, it is not only able to use TIG weld but also able to use the other rest.

6 Tips To Follow While Making A TIG Finger: Make The Process Easier

You should follow the tips while making a TIG finger that makes your entire process easier:

Tip-1: Make Sure High-Quality Material:

TIG finger gloves are made of several layers of silicon material. Somewhere it is said that the material of this is Kevlar Yarn. The material that is needed to make your TIG finger should be of high quality.

Confirming this will increase your chances of succeeding in making a TIG finger. Since it will be used to work on deadly metals such as flammable, you need to ensure the material is heat resistant.

Tip-2: Know The Process Before Making:

You should know the process first before making it. The process may seem relatively difficult. Because the process of making it can be a little complicated which will be difficult for you if you are the first. You can also take knowledge from a skilled professional welder.

Tip-3: Dimensions:

You have to know the perfect dimensions for you. The standard dimension which is enough for any project is 4.7*3.2*1.16. You can follow this size but you can customize also according to your project or work requirements. So, you have to make sure your TIG finger dimensions first.

Tip-4: Thinnest Metal:

Choose the thinnest metal for your project as much as possible. Using the thinnest metal, it is easy to do TIG welding by wearing a TIG finger. So, the thinnest metal is the most useful for you. 

Tip-5: Welding Type:

Decide first which type of welding you need for your project. For doing your work smoothly with a TIG finger, you have to select your welding type. However, you need to know your project properly and then make a TIG finger according to your working demand.

Tip-6: Finger Adjustment:

Check again and again how much it is adjusting with your finger. If you do not adjust your finger completely, you will not feel comfortable. You may feel uncomfortable in the middle of the work because of this. Hence, measure beforehand the size of your finger and repeatedly test with the finger.

3 Disadvantages Of TIG Finger: Know Before Making

You should know the disadvantages of TIG Finger before making it. However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of TIG welding:

  • Cleaning:

You have to clean it after every time you use it. Regular cleaning may seem like a chore to you. Lack of proper cleaning can reduce its durability. For the lengthy process of cleaning, you have to waste your time.

  • Little Break:

Working with a TIG finger at a stretch is harmful to it. After 8-10 hours of continuous use, it is important to take some breaks. Otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced. So try to take a break from work.

  • Difficulties Of Making:

Making it will be quite a hassle for you if you want to make it for the first time, but if you follow the set guidelines, you will not have to face much hassle to make it.

Related Questions On How To Make A TIG Finger

What Are TIG Fingers Made Of?

Basically, a TIG finger is made of silicon. Silicon material is the main material for making the TIG fingers. But the heat protection of the TIG finger is made of  Kevlar Yarn. Because of silicon material, it is usable, workable, and adjustable with your finger. And because of its Kevlar yarn heat protection, it is heat resistant and protects fingers from extreme heat.

You need to make a TIG finger using all these materials. Silicon material increases its lifespan and durability. You can easily use it after a long time.

How Does A TIG Finger Work?

The TIG Finger is designed with the material in such a way that it is completely heat resistant. It is made of silicon material. Due to its several layers, the intense heat of the metal will not be able to reach your finger. This means that there is no alternative to this TIG finger glove in TIG welding to protect your fingers. TIG finger will protect your finger from dirt, dust, grime, ultraviolet radiation, etc. with scorching heat metal.

How Do You Weld With A Tig Finger?

Just wear a TIG finger on your finger which has a high probability of heat to the metal while welding. It is not only used for TIG welding, it can be used for any welding. Your finger may get burned while welding the prop. At this point, if you focus on your finger, the work will be perfect.

So, the TIG finger is a system that allows you to feel comfortable with your finger. Before starting your welding work, get it on your finger and then propping with your hand wherever you like.

How Long Does It Take To Make A TIG Finger?

It almost depends on your skill and experience, and how skilled you are at making TIG fingers. For a professional welder, the task is as simple as it is and it will take less time. On the other hand, as a beginner, you may find the task difficult. Generally, a couple of hours is sufficient to complete the whole process of making a TIG finger.

Anyway, it doesn’t take much time to start collecting the materials. Although its material can take time to collect or buy silicone. Then it may take several days to get everything ready.

What Is The Purpose Of A TIG Finger?

TIG finger is used as a supporter for propping on heat metal in long welding. You can smoothly rotate your hand by wearing this TIG finger. It plays a very important role in completing the easy welding work. It is a great protection to protect your hand or finger. Therefore, you should wear a TIG finger to protect your fingers.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of TIG Fingers?

The range of average lifespan of a TIG finger is about 4-9 weeks. But lifespan depends on how long you use it. TIG Finger made by maintaining quality works equally well for a maximum of 9-10 weeks. By using it carefully and following the tips, you can increase its durability. To make sure the material quality can grow the usage limit of your TIG finger.

Can You Use TIG Fingers For Others Except TIG Welding?

You can use TIG fingers for other weldings as well. TIG finger gloves ensure hand protection. Use it to protect your fingers from metal scratching heat. This protection can be for any welder. In fact, it is recommended to use TIG fingers before any welding task.

Final Thought

It’s so simple and very easy to make a TIG finger. Just Follow the given DIY steps and tips to make it perfectly in a quick time. However, I recommend you take care of your TIG finger glove for increasing its durability.

Anyway, make sure that you will share this valuable article with the people who badly need the guide on making TIG fingers. Check out the other articles on this website for more information about welding.

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