How To Make A Welding Helmet? [Follow The Easiest Procedure]

How To Make A Welding Helmet

Many of you want to make a welding helmet yourselves. Because at the beginning of welding work, you may not have enough budget to buy the welding tools. But it’s a challenge for you if you are a newbie in welding performance. In that case, you can make a welding helmet on your own.

Before making the welding helmet, you should decide on which type of helmet you need or want. It depends on your welding work and comfort zone. As a new welder, you can make a helmet homely to gain the first experience. Moreover, making a professional may seem difficult at first.

Now, I’m going to discuss the procedure in detail. In this article, you can get the methods on how to make a welding helmet easily. In whatever way, follow the step-by-step guideline and do the work according to every easy-going step thoroughly.

2 Ways To Make Welding Helmet- You Can Follow Anyone Of These:

Depending on your work, situation, time to make, and comfortable to use, you can use any one of them. But keep in mind which way you can do the best and collect the appropriate tools.

1. Cardboard Welding Helmet:

With cardboard, you can quickly fix this task that you may have at home. Just having a few simple collection tools including cardboard, white glue, scissors, rubber, X-ray film, and sellotape is enough. This is a great trick for a new welder if you are looking for a handy and easy-to-wear welding helmet.

2. Kydex And Leather Welding Helmet:

If you want to make an extreme-level welding helmet for your professional work, you have to apply this method. Relatively it can be complex to make, but you can make it simple by following the easy-going process. It’s going to be a wonderful helmet for you.

8 Steps To Follow For Making A DIY Cardboard Welding Helmet:

Making a homemade cardboard welding helmet can be a daunting task for you. But by following the steps properly, you can make it effective. Jump into the hassle-free guideline given below:

Step 1- Need A Cardboard Box:

You’re going to make a welding helmet from a cardboard box. It may be in your home, or maybe you have already thought it’s rubbish. Collect a fresh cardboard box like a picture.

Now cut it open nicely. And then you have to cut its side folds carefully. After cutting the sides, you have to fold it in a way that fits perfectly on your face like a helmet. While cutting it, you can scale it with your face frequently.

Step 2-Fix-It With Glue:

Next, you have to fix it with the help of white glue properly and let it dry. You can use any kind of glue which is fixed it properly. But I suggest you use white glue with my experience to work. To make it correctly, you have to fix it in the right way. Make sure the glue is completely dry. Please wait until it dries perfectly.

Step 3- Cut The Shape:

Now you have to cut the shape on the cardboard to fit perfectly on your neck. For this, you can measure with a scale. If it is not perfect, you will not feel comfortable wearing a helmet. So, you have to cut the cardboard shape in such a way that it fits nicely with your neck.

Step 4- Provide Stability:

You have to provide stability to hold the shape by applying the required shaped cardboard on the lower and upper sides of the helmet. It helps to fix your head and neck easily. To make it perfect, measure to wear the incomplete one frequently.

Step 5- Use X-ray Film:

Now the biggest part is the view of your welding helmet. For viewing from the inner side of the helmet, you have to use such a thing that will save your eyes from the danger of the welding.

Which thing do you use for it? You can use an old X-ray film as your window screen. It’s enough for your viewing in the center of your welding. It’s also safe for your eyes. So, try to collect an old X-ray film for the part of your welding helmet.

Step 6- Fix The Screen:

Now it’s time to fix the screen. Cut the required shape that is exact for your cardboard helmet. And then fix the x-ray film with the help of white glue. You have to wait for the glue to dry. Now, you can use sellotape to hold it in place tightly.

Step 7- Set A Rubber Band:

Then you have to take a rubber band of the required length and fit it to the helmet as shown in the picture. This will help keep the helmet tied to your neck. It should be of such a size that the helmet can be set properly with the head. You will not feel comfortable if it is too loose or too tight.

Step 8- Make Air Inlet & Outlet:

After drying the glue, you have to make an air inlet and outlet which helps in easy breathing. For this, you can make small holes in any part of the cardboard to allow ventilation.

Finally, you will find it easy to wear and so lightweight that it feels comfortable for long-term use. Test to wear it and weld. 

Point To Be Noted: It is beneficial and comfortable for full-time work for your scheme. However, a long time may not give strong work. But such an easy-going process, so why worry! You can make the welding helmet in just a few minutes.

How To Make A DIY Kydex & Leather Welding Helmet? (7 Steps To Follow)

To simplify this process, you can take the help of an old helmet structure. Collecting an old welding helmet is not a difficult task. To make a Kydex and leather welding helmet, you can follow the easy steps given below:

Step 1- Necessary Tools:

Collect the tools before you start making them. You have to spend a lot to buy the tools. These are needed to make a reliable and advanced helmet. They are:

  • Kydex;
  • Old helmet;
  • Kydex heating;
  • machine;
  • Kydex driller;
  • Kydex Cutter;
  • Viewing Sensor.

Step 2- Collect An Old Helmet:

Try to collect such an old welding helmet that you like to shape the new one. To make the procedure simple and easy, you can rebuild it like the process. I suggest the process of rebuilding because of easy processing. But if you want to make it by your construction, you can ignore the rebuilding.

For making following this process, collect the old helmet. No problem if it is cracked, fragile, or scratched. Because you are going to hide your helmet deficiencies by covering it with Kydex.

Step 3- Heat The Kydex:

You have to get a Kydex heating machine. Heat it for setting up with the old helmet. Cut the Kydex with the required shape of the old helmet first. After heating it, you have to set it and carefully press it for fixing. You can follow a great trick in this case. You can cut the Kydex a couple of pieces for heating and fix it with the old helmet properly.

Step 4- Make Air Ventilation:

After making the structure of the helmet, you have to make holes for air ventilation. An air ventilator is essential because breathing in can cause your viewing area to become hazy. This can make you feel uncomfortable and annoyed. 

Also, if you can’t breathe in and out, you may feel short of breath. That’s why you make enough holes with the Kidex drill machine so that you are comfortable.

Step 5- Cut The Excess:

Now cut the extra Kydex. For this, you have to use the Kydex cutting machine. But without this machine, you can also cut. The TheKydexx cutting machine makes the cutting part accurate. However, try to do it perfectly. Although it is a little difficult to cut the Kydex, by the edge of the old helmet, you can do it carefully.

Step 6- Cut And Make Viewing Area:

Now cut the viewing area. For fixing a sensor or viewer, you have to cut the area. For this, use the tool named Kydex cutting machine. Cut it rectangular in shape. After that, in place of the view, you can fix the old X-ray or any viewer that is convenient for you. Moreover, you can also set the viewer on the old helmet.

Step 7- Headset:

Now fix a headset back to the new welding helmet. It is important to fit with your head. You can use any kind of headset. But try to make it exactly or otherwise, you cannot feel comfortable while working. 

Set a headgear in such a way that the welding helmet is perfectly tight with your neck and head. You can fold the helmet on your head while breaking the weld. So, headgear is an important part of it but not mandatory. You can weld without the system also. Enjoying the welding and using it carefully, you have to keep the system to your welding helmet.

Related Questions About Making A Welding Helmet

Can You Weld Without A Helmet?

It’s not impossible but it’s difficult to do. It can be welded without a helmet, but it is 100% risky. You can be in danger at any moment. So you must not think of doing this without a helmet. The heat of welding, UV radiation, and sparks of fire can burn your skin, head, or anything. You can even go blind. So make a helmet instead of working with so much risk.

What Is A Welding Helmet Made Of?

Usually, welding helmets are made of thermoplastic material. It will be completely mechanical resistant. Applies strong pressure with special glass fiber. It is done by softening the thermoplastic at high heat. For heating thermoplastic, you have to use any heating machine which is used for welding helmet making. However, thermoplastic is the main material of the welding helmet.

What Is The Purpose Of Making A Welding Helmet?

Welding helmets are especially used to ensure your safety from welding hazards. It is designed to protect eyes, skin, etc. from ultraviolet and welding work meteorites. It also has an automatic light transmission facility through an auto-darkening system.

Choose compatible helmets according to the weld type. So, as a welder, you have to make or buy a welding helmet for your project. But it’s a better option to make it yourself as your welding job.

What Do You Wear Under A Welding Helmet?

Ultra Violet Protection may require some extra protection outside of your helmet. UV radiation and the flames of old fire can brighten your facial skills. For this, it is important to wear a face mask or face shield.

On the other hand, you should wear a scalp cap to protect your head from heat and UV radiation, which is fire resistant. Additionally, to maintain your eye safety, you must also wear eyeglasses. But that may not be comfortable for you.

Do Auto-darkening Helmets Wear Out?

It depends on the use and strength of your welding helmet. If you take proper care of it, it usually lasts around 8 to 11 years. However, sensitive items like lenses, sensors, or batteries may need to be changed frequently. If you can properly maintain everything and use a helmet, you can safely extend its lifespan. Adequate care can increase its longevity. However, it is more likely not to last more than 11 years.

Why Is It Important To Make An Auto Darkening Welding Helmet?

The safest welding helmet is the Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. This will ensure maximum protection of your eyes. It is important to focus on your project and protect it from the risk of making mistakes. This will protect the eyes from the glare of the welding light and provide enough light to work in the dark area. So, it is the pre-eminent thing of a helmet for a welder.

How Can You Make Your Welding Helmet More Comfortable?

The best way to make a helmet comfortable is to make it in a good way. If you wear it for a long time, you can add pads so that you don’t have head or neck pain. Accuracy and development can make the helmet lightweight, easy to move, and balanced.

And these are the main formulas for a helmet to be comfortable. Moreover, using it smartly can make a charm in the welding activity. For a comfort zone, you need to do your best in every step of your project.

How Do You Adjust The Darkness On A Welding Helmet?

Depending on what type of welding you are doing, the welder needs to adjust the situation between light and dark. Therefore, the welding helmet has an auto-darkening system that controls the intensity of this dark or light from the left side. You can adjust the shade to suit any light situation. In whatever way, you can adjust the auto-darkening sensor to your welding helmet for getting the darkness adjustment opportunities.

Can You Go Blind Without A Welding Helmet?

Ultra Violet Protection may require some extra protection outside of your helmet. UV radiation and the flames of old fire can brighten your facial skills. For this, it is important to wear a face mask or face shield. On the other hand, you should wear a scalp cap to protect your head from heat and UV radiation, which is fire resistant. 

However, you can also wear eyeglasses to maintain safety.  But that may not be comfortable for you. However, you can go blind without wearing a helmet, goggles, or any kind of protector sort of thing like that.

What Can You Use Instead Of A Welding Helmet?

A sublime option for welding helmets for professional welders in the welding mask 2. It is engineered in such a way that it serves as a great alternative to hazardous welding work like ship and construction welders. This option works incomparably. It has been considered the first alternative to the traditional welding helmet. In whatever way, you can use welding mask 2 instead of the welding helmet.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I recommend that you do it yourself (DIY). The fascination of making it turned into a passion. For a professional welder, it’s better to gather knowledge about mechanics. Follow the guideline and practice to make more and more. 

If you find the instructions supportive, let me know which way is fruitful for you. Share your experience and comment below if you have any queries on how to make a welding helmet.

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