Push Or Pull MIG Welding [Which One Is The Best For You?]

Push Or Pull MIG Welding

Push or pull – Which MIG welding is the best for you? It depends on several factors. Considering some of the issues you need to understand if you need pushing or pulling.  

As a MIG Welder, you should know a lot about welding. Because you have to decide in which process you will do the welding. There are several things you need to consider, including the type of work and your needs in push or pull MIG welding.

As a welder, I am going to discuss the issues in detail to help you decide the best MIG welding between pushing and pulling. In this article, you will learn about what determines the best MIG welding techniques. Let’s begin!

Push And Pull MIG Welding: Every Detail You Should Know 

A push welding system means a flat, strong, and wide set-up that holds the metal joint strongly. Deep penetration is required in the push MIG welding technique. It may not look aesthetically amazing all the time. But you can get an effective welding performance by pushing MIG welding. 

While MIG welding, the push technique is utilized. The firearm is set at the rear of the puddle, and the weld pool is pushed forward to frame a helpful globule. 

Pulling MIG welding is a deep penetration welding process but not smooth. 

Despite strong penetration, it can be seen in a round shape on the outside of the metal. It is not able to make your metal joint smooth and flat. However, the pulling MIG welding system is the best for maintaining a strong joint. 

By the way, while MIG welding, the critical benefit of utilizing the draw approach is that it permits you to watch the globule as it is framed for the weld. It’s also strong and a big chapter of the MIG welding.

The Differences Between Pushing MIG Welding And Pulling MIG Welding

In the case of MIG welding, it is important to know where the differences are between pushing and pulling. The differences between them are presented in the chart below:

            Pushing MIG Welding             Pulling MIG Welding
Strong capability of welding from inside the metal.Unable to weld from the inside, but is not very risky.
Quite pleasing to look at, creating an aesthetic look that does not reveal flaws.Not as aesthetically pleasing as pushing MIG welding.
The welding method is triangular. That is why it is strong.Straightly welded, so it is relatively less strong.
Metal pushing MIG welding systems are essential in places where pressure is applied.Pressure cannot be applied, so a normal pulling system is more acceptable.
Pushing MIG welding can be a little difficult to do properly without welding skills. The relatively simple process is the pulling MIG welding system.

Pulling Or Pushing MIG Welding: What Determines The Right Technique?

Pulling or pushing MIG welding- some factors that determine the right technique are given below:

1. Durability:

Pushing MIG welding systems are the most advanced form of metal welding. You are also applying more force to it while welding. However, you will find the pushing system to be the strongest and most durable. The weld won’t break under extra pressure where the brittleness of the pulling is high. In whatever way, pushing the MIG welding system is more durable than pulling.

2. Visibility:

The pushing MIG welding system is flat, wide, and smooth which gives peace of mind to your eyes. On the contrary, the pulling spreads around to the outside. The puddle of the pushing welding system that is made by turning it while welding creates aesthetic spirits. With a few exceptions in the case of pulling, if you are a skilled welder, both visibility can be beautiful. But most of the time, pushing visibility is superior to pulling MIG welding visibility.

3. Easy To Do:

Pulling MIG welding is an easier technique than pushing. While welding the pulling system, you have to force it normally. When you pull it at an angle, you can do it with less pressure. But another option, pushing requires much pressure while welding. So, pulling the MIG welding system may be easy for you.

4. Penetration:

In this case, the pulling welding system is the winner, because deep penetration is required in it. Deep penetration into the metal pair is an important issue when welding. Because the metal is used in any work where deep penetration is required. A pulling welding system is perfect for welding all those metals. It is less likely to break or bend under extra pressure.

5. Appearance:

Due to the pulling round appearance, it does not look aesthetically pleasing at all. Conversely, the pushing is aesthetically pleasing and its poodles are quite smooth and flat. So the finishing and appearance of pushing MIG welding are excellent.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Push And Pull MIG Welding System 

Here the negative and positive aspects of both pushing and pulling systems are pointed out. Hope you can relate to your MIG welding work.

Advantages Of Push MIG Welding:

  • The opposite metal will hold tightly to the metal you are using as a base.  
  • It is preferable to make a poodle because it will create a very aesthetic poodle.  
  • It is much stronger for triangular welding.  
  • The joints of metal look very beautiful as they are decorated with stone.
  • The stressed part of the aluminum doesn’t expose the defect.
  • The more skilled a welder is, the more enjoyable the welding work will be. 
  • The wide bead easily attaches to the metal base.

Disadvantages Of Push MIG Welding:

  • Although the push welding system is aesthetic and admirable to look at, It is likely to break down under strong pressure.  
  • It won’t be too strong, but it can be used for non-stressful work.

Advantages Of Pull MIG Welding

  • Pulling the MIG welding system keeps the welding power strong from the inside of the aluminum joint.  
  • There is no risk of breaking even after applying enough pressure.  
  • Perfect for use in tight and high-pressure areas.  
  • It is much stronger for straight welding.
  • Easy and hassle-free MIG welding system.

Disadvantages Of Pull MIG Welding:

  • It will not look aesthetic or beautiful.  
  • The attached space of the aluminum reveals the defect.  
  • The work of welding is relatively difficult.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing Between The Push And Pull Between MIG Welding 

Here are some things to look for when selecting yours: Pushing or Pulling. They are discussed by pointing out below:

  1. Equipment:

Pushing the MIG welding system requires many types of complex equipment. This may seem difficult to you. However, if you want a strong welding system, the pushing system will meet your needs.

If you find it difficult and annoying for the pushing system equipment, choose the pulling option. Whatever you do, you should collect the equipment considering the rest of the things, and weld the MIG. Your MIG welding capacity depends on the equipment collection. If you do not have the necessary equipment for pushing, then you can choose the other option of pulling.

  1. Procedure:

Pull MIG welding is an easy and simple procedure. You can easily do this in a very short time. With less penetration and less pressure applied during welding, you can easily master the pooling system with less experience.

Pushing MIG welding, on the opposite side, is a relatively difficult procedure. It would not be great without experience and skill. Get an idea of ​​the two MIG welding processes in Pushing MIG Welding and Pulling MIG Welding. Think about which ideas work for you.

  1. Skill:

Push MIG welding necessitates more skill to weld. Its puddles are triangular while welding and you have to do it forcefully. A skilled welder can do the work perfectly. By practicing, you can do it well, of course. The more skilled you are at pushing MIG welding, the better the job will be. 

If you are not good at pushing, choose the pulling MIG welding. You do not require more skill for the weld. Test your skills between the two MIG Welding techniques. Because this job will be perfect according to your skills. 

  1. Your Choice:

Pushing or pulling?  Which one do you think is most suitable for your job?  You must have a choice of your own. If you have a welding choice that is solid and aesthetically pleasing to look at, then you should definitely choose the pushing system.  

But if you want to do it simply, then pulling is the best option. However, make sure that the choice does not go against your metal. Weld the MIG to the path of your choice so that you can complete the task with ease.

Related Questions About The Method Of Pushing MIG Welding And Pulling MIG Welding

How To Choose The Form Push MIG Welding And Pull MIG Welding? 

Which one do you choose, push or pull? One has to make a choice considering many aspects. First of all, consider what you want to use your metal for.  See which process between pushing and pulling can be done perfectly with the equipment you have. 

You should also consider which one you are more proficient at. It has the potential to make your work perfect. If you want MIG welding that will awaken the aesthetic feeling, you can choose the pushing MIG welding. Moreover, you can do pull welding to make the job easy.

What Is The Best Way To Choose?

There are several parameters involved in choosing a MIG welding system. But there are also the most acceptable and best ways to verify the use of aluminum. If metal is required for any work under pressure or extra hard, a pushing system is the best method. 

And if aluminum is used for low-pressure applications, the pulling MIG welding system is sufficient. Considering this, it is effective to fix the MIG welding system.

What Is The Best MIG Welding Procedure?

The weld should be fanned out and controlled with mastery and strategy. Utilizing the MIG level strategy, the weld is pushed up to 30-35 degrees toward the weld. It’s additionally easy to go upward and downward. Beginning at the top and working your direction down is the most effective way to go. The MIG firearm should be calculated between 35 and 45 degrees to operate appropriately.

What Is The Bad Effect Of Choosing One From The Other?

You can choose the one which is selected considering all things. Both sides have different advantages or disadvantages. If you choose one, you will be deprived of other opportunities.  

For example, if you choose a pushing MIG welding system, you will be deprived of easy use of pulling.  If you choose to pull again, you will no longer find the aesthetics of pushing and its strengths. Since one differs from the other, determine what is most acceptable to you. Then it will be comparatively less deprived of its bad side.

How Do You Know When To Pull Or Push A MIG Welding?

The push welding system method is triangular and the poodles are aesthetically beautiful to look at. The pool welding system method, on the other hand, is straightened and spreads outwards round. If you are a welder, you will easily know which is a pull and which is push welding. Because the type and visibility of the two welding systems are different. 

If you look at two welding side by side, you will notice that one is smooth, flat, and glossy arranged puddle welding and the other is uneven, stagnant, and not so pleasant to look at.


I hope you got a comprehensive overview of pushing MIG welding and pulling MIG welding. The things you will notice are also mentioned to consider what you need. Now you decide which MIG welding is best for you. You can comment below to know which one you have chosen, pushing or pulling. 

Good luck with your experience at MIG welding!

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