How To Stick Weld Aluminum? [The Ways To Save Your Time]

How To Stick Weld Aluminum

Stick welding aluminum can be a difficult process if you are a beginner. Most people don’t know the right process of how to weld aluminum. If you don’t want to miss out on any point of the stick welding aluminum process, keep reading the article. 

There are many different ways to weld aluminum perfectly. The sticking system is the easiest and most effective welding method. Everything related to this matter is highlighted here. This is an excellent and hassle-free task. 

Today, I will share with you how to get the job done easily. In this article, you will know the whole procedure of how to stick weld aluminum. Let’s give full details of the method.

6 Easiest Steps To Stick Weld Aluminum That Are Helpful

Below are some of how I can easily perform an aluminum welding procedure.

  1. Arranging The Tools:

First, It is better to arrange all the tools that you need before starting the work. Here I present a list of the stick welding tools that are enough for you to do it. Let’s see:

  1. Aluminum;
  2. Sticks welder;
  3. Machine;
  4. Hand Gloves;
  5. Safety Glass;
  6. Helmet;
  7. A Plier;
  8. Brush;
  9. A Piece Of Grease Paper.
  1.  Determining The Size Or Thickness Of Aluminum:

You want to do the work of sticking welding aluminum. For this, you have to collect the aluminum you want to work with. It can be a few pieces or a large part. That means collecting the aluminum you need to work with beforehand. Try to take the accurate size of it. Because size accuracy is needed to weld it with the stick. This is your main tool to work. 

After taking preparation by arranging the tools, you have to determine the size or thickness of aluminum. Accurate measurement of aluminum is important.  Because one piece of aluminum has to be added to another. 

So, make sure the size is correct beforehand. Collecting the accurate size of aluminum is a big deal. Extra thin metal or a piece of aluminum is not perfect for the job.

  1. Rubbing The Aluminum With A Brush:

See If the aluminum is perfect for welding. Because it may need to be rubbed with a brush. Prepare by rubbing the pieces of aluminum with a brush. You can also use a stainless steel brush. It will also work here. Just clean the aluminum to make it fair and smooth. 

You can also use rubbing paper to clean it. It depends on your aluminum condition that it may or may not be needed. However, if you have a piece of abrasive paper, it can come in handy. It keeps your aluminum side smooth. The work can also be done with a brush.

A piece of grease paper may or may not be what you need. However, if you have a piece of abrasive paper, it can come in handy.  It keeps your aluminum side smooth. So, you can also collect it. Avoid it if you find it difficult to collect. The work can be done with a brush. You can also use any kind of tools that are useful to scrub the metal.

  1. Setting The Aluminum The Way You Want To Weld:

Okay, your aluminum is clean now. If you want to add two pieces of aluminum, put them together and set them. This must be done before starting the weld.  Determine exactly where to weld with the stick. This is how you want to make your weld. You can use a vice to keep it accurate. It is more convenient. In this case, you can clean again.

  1. Preparation before Welding:

Now is the time for stick welding. It’s the main tool that you want to do with it. One of the many ways to weld aluminum is to use a stick. If you do not have a stick, buy it. It’s called a stick welder or a stick electrode. You have to buy a full box of sticks. First, set the stick with the pliers. This plier will help you with stick control. Now set the stick with it at your convenience. So, now it has become a workable tool.

You have to maintain some safety issues. Make sure you wear hand gloves all the time with stick welded aluminum. Your hands may be damaged. Because this job is risky. 

And you have to be more careful if you are a beginner. So wear hand gloves that are thick and will protect your hands from this risk. The tool is too much needed for your safety. Safety glasses are no longer needed when collecting a helmet. However, the safety glass will not only protect the eyes but the helmet will protect you all over your head. Use something that will ensure more protection. 

However, now It’s time to weld aluminum. It can be hard for you if you are a beginner or doing it for the first time. Do you wear gloves? It is better to wear gloves, helmets, or safety glasses at the very beginning of the task. So, try to be careful 100% before welding. 

  1. Time To Welding:

It needs a machine to operate the stick. It is not possible to weld with a stick without an electrode machine. So you have to have a machine.  Which the electron must be present in the stick by connecting it to the player. 

Learn about machine power. This is very important for you to do this.  Because you have to understand which power is needed in which case. If you want, you can take the help of an expert.  In addition, you can take the help of the tutorials on YouTube.

Now, start to weld the aluminum. So, the first thing is to be very important. That is how far the end of the electrode is weaving from your workpiece. You have to weave the stick electrode from the aluminum enough far. Welding of electrodes cannot be done from very close to aluminum. Try to make sure that the weaving is done from a sufficient distance. 

Now another thing to keep in mind is how many angles to use the electrode.  Many do not use this rule properly. Find out the ratio of up and down. Welding should be done by keeping the electrode from the aluminum down at a 45-degree angle. If you drop and drag and weld at a 45-degree angle like the video, you can avoid many problems.

After welding in this way, rub the aluminum and clean it. You can do this with a brush. You can clean the hard part by rubbing it with iron tools.  Thus complete your welding work.

The Dimensions You Should Consider Before Stick Welding Aluminum

Only one thing is the most important to consider. Dimension is the main fact before welding. Here, I present to you a general recommendation that is important to stick welding. There are three or four types of electrodes.  It has to be determined based on diameter, amperage, and material thickness.  6010/7011, 6013, or 7018 can be these three electrodes.

For 6010/8011 Electrodes:

It requires 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm, or 4 mm diameter. The amperage range should be 45-95, 70-135, 115-175. Material thickness 1.6 mm- 6.5mm, 3.2 mm, 6.3 mm.

For 6013 Electrodes:

It requires 1.7 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.3 mm, 4. 1 mm diameter. The amperage range should be 25-55, 45-95, 85-135, 105-180. The material thickness should be 1 mm- 1.5 mm, 1.4 mm-6.5 mm, 3.2 mm, 6.4 mm.

For 7018 Electrodes:

It requires 2.5 mm, 3.3 mm, 4.1 mm. The amperage range should be 70–110, 110-170, 160-225. Material thickness can be 2.4 mm-6.4 mm, 3.3 mm, 6.5 mm. 

Note: This is a general measurement. You can follow it, but in particular, cases may be different. Weld setting needs to be determined and qualified according to your work situation.

5 Tips And Tricks That Need To Do Stick Welding Aluminum

There are a lot of problems that make your work problematic. To avoid the problems you have to be serious about the following instructions. The best tips and tricks that make the job hassle free are given below:

Tip-1: Choosing a highly qualified electrode is a great trick. It is the most effective for doing the work easily.

Tip-2: Prepare the stick welding aluminum properly. Before starting welding, try to use a brush to scrub the aluminum properly.

Tip-3: Follow the techniques that are already explained. It is the solution for one working dress.

Tip-4: Learn more and more about the procedure. It is important to learn about the stick welder, machine, machine power, etc.

Tip-5: Learn about measurement. Try to follow the measurement to do the work.

Related Questions About To Stick Weld Aluminum

What Is The Most Effective And Easiest Way To Stick Welding Aluminum?

There is a simpler method than the above 5 steps method. This method is the gas metal arc welding method. This is called the GMAW method for short. In this case, a coating has to be made between the aluminum with the electrode.  

Arrange to hit the aluminum joint. The place should be matched with the coating in the place where it is hit. This method is easy for you but if you are an expert, the work will be more comfortable for you.

What Are The Benefits of Stick Welding Aluminum?

The method of stick welding aluminum is easy and comfortable. It’s quite hard for the beginner. The benefits of stick welding aluminum are given below:

  • Necessary tools are less expensive. Stick welded aluminum requires several tools. These tools are not too expensive. This is one of the reasons why you are getting enough benefits.  
  • Aluminum stick welding is much needed for stormy weather like rain. Stick welding aluminum is very much needed to get an effective result. 
  • Other methods of welding may require gas. But the stick welding aluminum method doesn’t need it.
  • The whole job saves you time. This process of stick welding aluminum is the fastest to complete. 
  • You can change the rod if you want for different metals.  This can be a great advantage.
  • It is easy to collect the tools, and You can collect them from anywhere.
  • There is no hassle to control the gas. It is a great benefit of using the stick method of welding aluminum. 

What Are The Limitations Of Stick Welding Aluminum?

There are some limitations to stick welding aluminum that you need to know. It is important to know these to decide whether to stick welding aluminum in this way. So, let’s see what the limitations are:

  • This can be difficult for you if you are not good at stick welding. And it takes a lot of practice to gain skills.  
  • If you are not experienced, it may be a matter of time for you. 
  • Your eyes, hands may be at risk. So, try to work carefully.
  • Stick welders may need to be replaced frequently due to metal variations.

Aluminum is a favorite metal of all. Welding is done by joining one piece of aluminum to another piece or forcing the cracked aluminum. Hence, the perfect way to do welding is to do aluminum welding with a stick. 

Why Stick Welding Aluminum Is Difficult?

In some respects, this task is difficult. What is your opinion about aluminum metal?  How much do you know about this metal? It is highly thermally conductive and therefore difficult to weld with a stick. Because of its high thermal conductivity, it does not melt easily. 

Therefore, it may seem difficult to do welding. The reason for welding is that the metal loses its properties. The reason for stick welding is that the metal can take on a new hard form which you did not expect. That’s why stick welding aluminum can be difficult for you.

What Are The Things To Avoid The Mistakes When Stick Welding Aluminum?

The followings are the things to avoid mistakes when sticking welding aluminum: 

  • Try to avoid thin aluminum if it is possible. Because thin aluminum is harmful to the stick welding aluminum method. Use the thick metal if possible.
  • Try to follow the measurement I mentioned in the article. It is the most effective part to avoid the mistake.
  • Follow the instructions of the procedure. For better knowing, you can take the help of any video, or any person who is an expert for the job.
  • Choose highly qualitative tools. It helps your work to be easy.


This work is going to be difficult for you if it is for the first time. But by following the instructions, you can make the work easy and comfortable. I think you find the best way to stick welding aluminum properly.

I hope now you feel interested in stick welding. Don’t forget to share your opinion and experience that you gathered to do stick welding with us. 

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